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Our prices depend on the degree of difficulty and the language group of the text to be translated. A standard line consists of 50 to 55 keystrokes, including spaces and figures. Incomplete lines are not calculated as standard lines, but are added together. Numbers and text in tables are converted to standard lines. The calculation is always based on the target language. Services going beyond pure text translation (special formatting requests etc.) are charged separately by agreement.

Minimum order value per language: Euro 50,00

Offer prices are guideline prices only. In every case the number of lines effectively translated will be invoiced. The order will be considered issued and the business terms of DS-Team accepted upon transmission of the manuscript.

Delivery form: by fax, modem or e-mail, as control printout by post, with or without diskette (DOS, Windows, ASCII). Express and courier dispatch charges will be passed on.

Urgent orders: Supplement 50 to 100% of the line price, depending on the urgency, size and language.

Agreed delivery dates will be kept as far as possible. No liability can be assumed for late postal delivery, fax or modem line faults or the illness of translators. In cases of force majeure DS-Team will inform the customer immediately, explaining the situation, and both parties may withdraw from the contract. Work already carried by the time one party exercises the right to withdraw in writing must be remunerated in every case.

Complaints must be directed to DS-Team in writing no later than 14 days after delivery of the work. If reasons are given for the complaint, the translation will be revised by DS-Team. Subjective preferences of the customer with regard to the style of the text cannot, however, be the subject of complaint. Further claims are expressly excluded. We will only be liable for errors in translation and any losses arising therefrom to the amount of the sum invoiced for the corresponding order.

Terms of payment 30 days after invoice date, nett.

The place of performance and jurisdiction is Leonberg.

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